WP Site Guardian Review

WP Site Guardian Review – Think Your Site is Safe? Think Again…

WP Site Guardian  – The Following Plugins, Services and Policies FAILED Our Tests

  • WP Plugin
  • All-In-One Security Plugin
  • Better WP Security Plugin
  • iThemes Security Plugin
  • Acunetix Plugin
  • Bulletproof Security Plugin
  • CloudFlare
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Server Firewall
  • WP Updates
  • Secure Hosting

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WP Site Guardian  – Massively Reduces The Risk Of Getting Hacked
By Current and FUTURE Exploits

Auto Blocks Exploit Hack Attempts and Auto Bans Hackers

WP Site Guardian is the 1st pro-active anti-exploit plugin that monitors and blocks hackers based on behaviour.

When any suspicious activity is detected the IP is instantly blocked and the hacker is banned. This prevents the exploit from executing and also shuts down all further hacking attempts.

By eliminating both exploit and the bad user you massively reduce the risk of website getting hacked.

This is the only plugin on the market that offers active protection against current and future exploits as it looks at visitor behaviour rather than the attack code.

WP Site Guardian  – Blocks Attacks Even If You’ve Vulnerable Plugins

New Technology Blocks Behaviour and Emails You Hack Attempt Details

You will never know if your website is at risk – currently there is no way of getting notified of any risky plugins or updates your website may already using

With WP Site Guardian this is irrelevant as the wp plugin focuses on hacker activity rather than the vulnerability

While your competitors are stuck scratching their heads, trying to figure out what to do without their lists, you will be laughing to the bank, since you are not promoting without competition.

WP Site Guardian  – Faster Website – Fewer Security Plugins Needed

Super Low Resource Payload – Protects Against 92% of Attacks

Massively reduce your processor and memory load by eliminating resource hungry security plugins you will not need anymore

WP Site Guardian offers unparalleled protection against exploits.

YES – you still need a reputable managed host
YES – you should be using VPS or dedicated hosting
YES – you should be updating plugins automatically
YES – you should use anti-brute-force protection

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