After seven years of panels, parties and best practice tips, VidCon has everything pretty well summed up. You should do what you love, king is content, look for your passion, let’s make sure the freedom in brand deals for creator, be active across multiple platforms, take great thumbnails, reply to comments,. . . you take the picture. At VidCon, there is something for every level and type of creator. Here is list of the top tips from MemberHub 2016 has a few gems you have not heard before, or at next year’s convention, you can talk to Hank Green about speaking.AT VIDCON 2016 with 17 TIPS

For Online Video Success By 17 Killer Tips: VidCon 2016

  • To consider metrics other than increase. You have to determine your goals and work towards them because sometimes it is not all about getting views or engagements or increasing an audience.
  • To dig past the top layer of creators when finding partners for your brand or collaboration opportunities. The most interesting things online are not happening at the top, because the creators, who are forced to innovate and think outside the box to survive, and make them to climb the top.
  • Swoozie, top YouTuber,suggests that you can answer yourself 3 questions when you design and it will help you not only make better content but also maintain fabulous relationships with your fans: Am I authentic to myself? Do I serve fans? Do I prepare myself for the next big trend?
  • A mentor who needs by everybody. Let get one if you do not have one. It is probably time for you to step up and help an up and comer find their way if you do not need one anymore
  • The biggest creators do not simply connect with b You should find and connect with creators who actually resonate with your brand, and then the results will have more meaningful and deeper impact on your audience.
  • Mike Tompkins is a YouTubersaid that “enable creators to make cool stuff”. They just want to do that. Whether you are a brand who can help with funding or a creator with a unique perspective to share on a collaboration, you can help them in the process if they return the favor with content that is more passionate and engaging, ultimately helping you or your brand reach your goals.
  • On Snapchat, the laws around endorsement should be understood. Snaps can vanish, so FTC guidelines have to be followed . In the medium, any paid advertisements should be disclosed, they are being created in. Declare it in video when it is video, declare it in text when it is text. To use a different platform for your promotion, if you look for that too tricky or hard to follow.
  • On YouTube, the whole life of a video can be dictated by early views. to spread the word about your latest project is critical in the first 24-48 hours. After knowing which outlets you are going to tap for this exposure, you go live.
  • The quality of content and watch-time places more emphasis, more time on how you can perfect your craft and connect with your audience and spend less time worrying about tricks or tips to game your way to the top.
  • On the analytics do not get much stuck, instead of learning by making and doing.
  • To work and care about work of creators and are truly engaged with the audience of creators who are easy to work with.
  • Because your audience connect will determine more of your increase than anything else, you have to focus on serving the 20% of them, they are super fan.
  • To have the most success, you can follow the two commandments of remarketing. It also apply to anyone try to build a relationship with fan or a creator: Thou shall not be annoying and thou shall not be creepy.
  • You must be willing to take risks if your first video is terrible and likely many more. It is a process and sacrifice.
  • You can do anything if great people surround yourself. The right people should be in your group.
  • Because your audience are your boss, you should be willing to change and adapt for them.
  • Devin Graham said that “If your video fails, it’s not the end of the world, just the end of the week.”Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic1-compressed

If you have heard about these tips before, you would have been a regular visitor to our tips or attend VidCon. They can make you a pretty awesome individual. Our mission is completed here, even when one of these tips sits with you and helps you become a better designer or brand. In 2017, we will see you back at VidCon, or maybe we will see together at Melbourne or Amsterdam because VidCon travels to there!