Tips for Increasing Website Traffic

So… you have got a web-site & great products/services to sell- now what? For many of us, getting traffic to our web-sites can be a real struggle, so I have asked the CarolRoth contributor network of experts, advisors & entrepreneurs to provide their best tips for increasing Ad Inferno traffic. Their answers are presented below in no particular order.web traffic tips3

Tip 1. Give Them a Reason to Visit

Providing interesting & informative information on your web-site will give customers a reason to seek you out in the future. Also, fresh content gives new chances for Google to find you. Post blog entries, write studies & white papers, show some industry statistics – give them the good stuff! If they’ve a reason to visit, they’ll.

Tip 2. Quantity Does Matter

Plaster your web-site everywhere: business cards, brochures, letterhead, social media profiles, vendor registrations, email signature (originals and replies),promotional items, blog, note cards, postings and comments (on news websites, other blogs, articles you post), signs, posters, banners at trade shows & anything else people may see.

Tip 3. Tribes Target Traffic

Use the social media website & form a tribe of like minded marketing folks. Through cross pollination of your webblog & those within the tribe you can target traffic, not to mention increase Twitter Followers, Google +’s, & FB Likes. Leverage automation and let do the postings for you through RSS feeds. My traffic has increased 40% just by belonging to one active tribe.

Tip 4. Retargeting

If you already have traffic coming to your web-site, a great way to easily increase traffic & sales is through retargeting banner advertising. I’m testing it now with clients & I’m very pleased with the results.

Tip 5. Turn On & Tune In

You’re the expert & face of your company. The #1 best method to drive traffic to your website is to create a series of video clips. Build a YouTube Channel, link it to your website and have your SEO people go to town. The video clips are short, upbeat, fun, compelling, interesting clips (about two minutes long) telling viewers about what you do – offer information, not selling. Do not have your cousin’s kid do the video clips either. Hire a pro. Make the video look great and do not use an iPhone. This is your calling card.

Tip 6. Tag Those Images

Image tagging: We’ve increased traffic up to 40% on our client web-sites by doing this one easy tactic. Search engines (and humans) LOVE images. Just look at the meteoric rise of Pinterest. But can search engines find the images on your website? Not if they are not “tagged”. Go through your website & make sure every image is tagged with a proper “title” and “alt-tag” aka “alternate text”. This helps search engines identify & properly index the image, bringing targeted traffic to your website.web traffic tips1-compressed

Tip 7. OPT – Other People’s Traffic

Driving visitors to a web-site is one of my core skills for the last 16 years. One of my favorite ways is to create a related directory on your web-site. For example, if you’re selling camping tents, create directories of well known camping clubs & national parks. Then, whenever somebody is searching for the “Boston Camping Club” or “Yosemite”, your directory page will appear just above or just below the clubs or park, giving you an unpaid ad in Google.

Tip 8. Blog Your Way to High Traffic

The one best tip I’ve for increasing your business’ web-site traffic is to blog. Too often, I think business owners make excuses for why they should not or can’t. Yes, it should be well-thought out, grammatically correct, etc. But it does not have to turn into this overwhelming monstrosity that becomes too intimidating to tackle. Get something well-written out there, learn the proper methods to promote and you’ll increase traffic.

Tip 9. Website Traffic Simplified

The #1 thing to consider in driving more traffic to your web-site is “Blogging”. Why? Blogging permit you to update your web-site more frequently. This enables for better SEO results through keyword options. Writing/Posting articles that are applicable to your subject matter & what others are searching for will get you ranked higher on websites like Google. You can then repost your articles to other websites like FB or LinkedIn groups linking back to your website. It’s a great method to drive more traffic.