So what is VoteStream?

So what is VoteStream?

To put it simply, VoteStream is the first app of it’s kind that lets you run live social voting contests, connected to facebooks reaction buttons, inside FB live videos.

These campaigns were previously only possible in 1 very expensive subscription app or via custom coded scripts…but we cracked the code, built a platform and have put this in the cloud, ready for you to use and sell to clients.votestream-review-compressed

There is no quicker, more efficient or cost effective way to do this.
VoteStream is ahead of the curve on this, and you can be too by signing up today.
Due to the time sensitive nature of this new tech, & to get ahead of the crowd, they want to make this available at an affordable price for their early adopters. No month to month fees, no crazy account limits.

You can get a Vote Stream account now for only $47 during their release (a huge saving on the regular $97 price).

With your buy you get:

  • VoteStream account with unlimited campaigns
  • 5 Customizable Vot Stream campaign templates
  • Multiple choice voting
  • Live vote campaigns
  • Detailed training
  • 100’s of HD background images
  • Background video functions
  • Bargain one-time price
  • …and loads more!

This truly is the 1st app of its kind.

You have seen huge brands on social media using this technology already & you’ve seen our results using our VoteSteam app itself. To make sure you get ahead of the curve with this, now is the time to sign up & put it into action.

Remember, no matter what niche you are in, what size of Fb following you have, or what your marketing goals are, Facebook LIVE in conjunction with the VoteStream app is the most effective thing you can be doing right now.

Cash Back Guarantee
Because we 100% stand over our cutting edge technology, They are offering you a 30 day “no questions” Cash back guarantee.

If for any reason you decide VoteStream is not for you, simple contact us for a prompt hassle free refund.

Q: Do I need to buy any expensive software to work with VoteStream?
A: No, FB Live is completely free and the broadcast software we usue with VoteStream is free too.

Q: Do I have to pay a monthly fee for this?
A: No, during launch there is a 1-off bargain price.

Q: Does this work for XYZ Niche/business?
A: If your business can be marketed on Facebook, or it can benefit from having a larger audience without a big ad spend, VoteStream is for you. In toehr words….it’s for EVERY type of online business.

Q: What about……?
A: If you have any other pre-sales questions, contact us via support at

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