Eleven Battle-Tested Ways to Raise Your SEO Click-Through Rate

Eleven Battle-Tested Ways to Raise Your SEO Click-Through Rate [Infographic]

It is easy to overlook your organic click-through rates on Google. You have probably been lulled into believing over most of your marketing that they are not as necessary as other SEO metrics, such as inbound links. However, there’re a lot of really great reasons you can work on improving your organic CTRs, not the smallest of which is its impact on your rankings. In fact, we have found evidence that if you need to move up a spot in the rankings, making your organic CTR by 4% will do it.

But even if you do not believe that organic CTR can change your SEO rankings, it is a really good plan to work on increasing your click-through rate. A high organical CTR in Google / any search engine means you get more traffic from the same ranking (is not that the point of rankings in the first place?). What is more, higher CTR pages tend to have higher conversion rates, too. Developing your CTR by 2x will increase your conversion rate by 50%. In this way, organical CTR is actually a super necessary building block – a foundational must-have for more successful SEO overall. There is a ton of evidence out there that points to CTR’s significance, some of it even coming from the almighty Google itself. It is not something you can sit back & ignore. But how can you make real, measurable & lasting improvements in your organical CTRs for SEO? In my pursuit to answer, I joined forces with the exceptionally talented Brian Dean from Backlinko. Together, we have developed an awesome new collection of 11 most effective ways to boost your organical CTR & compiled them into an easy-to-follow infographic. If you are like most marketers I know, you do not have time to dink around with optimizations we already know do not work. For instance, Microsoft has proven that descriptive URLs perform better than generic ones – 26% better, as a matter of fact. Are you seriously already losing 26% of clicks just because your team got lazy with URLs? There is an easy win if you can turn that around. Another stupid easy trick is to get rid of your keyword-heavy titles. They are super boring and do not inspire anyone to click. I mean, just look at these – so Split Test Monkey.raise-your-seo-click-through-rate2

You need to get innovatory with your titles. Speaking of titles, there’re all types of recommendations out there about them, too:

“Make them long & descriptive!”

“Keep them short & punchy!”

“Try these 94 different ways to have a title!”

If you want to give your page an instant CTR kick start, use this PROVEN title format:

The Format – The Emotional Hook – The Content Type – Your Subject

You can understand exactly what this looks like, plus all 11 epic ideas illustrated, in the infographic below. Keep it handy! You are going to use this guide for reference as you continually optimise your pages over the coming months with higher organical CTRs in mind:raise-your-seo-click-through-rate3