The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook & Instagram in November [Infographic]

The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook & Instagram in November [Infographic]

FB have released their “Hot Topics” report, highlighting the most mentioned topics and who was discussing them (by demographic), across both Facebook & Instagram.

So what were the way issues of focus across The Social Network for the EverLesson?

The US Presidential Election was clearly a big concentration, with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump & even Trump Tower getting a lot of mentions. Interestingly, the names were missing from the October Hot Topics report, which we assumed can be attributed to the fact that the report highlights trends – as both Trump & Clinton are mentioned regularly, their mentions cannot have been above normal levels. This still could be the case, but interesting to see that they’re listed this time around.

Thanksgiving was the next most discussed issue, with Black Friday also highly mentioned, while young women were especially interested in the new film incarnation of ‘Beauty in the Beast’. Young men were mostly interested in the NBA, with the LA Lakers & Oklahoma City Thunder both making the chart.

Interesting too to notice the mention of Metallica, which was driven in huge part by a viral video of them performing their song ‘Enter Sandman‘ on classroom instruments on The Tonight Show.

Taken the dominant coverage of the Presidential Election, most other topics were eclipsed for the month, but it is still worth noting the key trends amongst your target markets & seeing whether anything’s resonating that you could be aware of.

Over on Instagram, Thanksgiving noticeably dominated mentions.

This makes sense – no doubt more Instagram customers were posting celebratory Thanksgiving images, but many of the same issues were gaining traction with Instagram’s audiences, with the US Presidential race getting alot of attention.

As always, FB has also posted regional hot topics reports, covering the most debated topics in:


The UK


FB’s monthly Hot Topics reports are always worth a read, as they provide additional context on what every audience segment is talking about & interested in, which can develop understanding of your specific target market. Using this insight, you could tap into relevant conversations & help boost engagement with your posts.